An energy efficient home provides many benefits and not only saving money on heating and cooling but provides health benefits. A green home is a healthy home that can actually reduce outside air pollution entering into the home as well as reducing allergic reactions from pollen and other seasonal allergies like;

  • Tree, ragweed and grass pollen’s thrive during cool evenings and warm days.
  • Mold grows rapidly in heat and high humidity.
  • Pollen levels tend to be at the peak during morning hours.

By air sealing and properly insulating your home with the highest recommended R Values can reduce the symptoms from these air born allergies. You will also save money on heating and cooling. How does a energy efficient home save on utility bills? A well air sealed and insulated home keeps heat from escaping during winter months. It also keeps heat from entering into the home during summer months.

The law of thermal dynamics is that heat goes to cold.

Air sealing slows down the air flow in the home as air enters through various places that aren’t sealed, such places are;

  • Rim Joist located in your basement
  • Pipe and wire penetrations from the basement into the attic
  • Worn weather striping around doors and windows
  • Poorly insulated attics, attic hatches, kneewalls, kneewall hatches, overhangs, crawl spaces, pull down staircases, etc.

If you have a home that’s heated by oil ask your energy expert to check if gas is available at the curb. they will call your gas company (National Grid) to see where the gas is located. In most cases, natural gas companies will run the line from the curb to your home for free. If you do convert to gas you will need to upgrade to a new heating system. There are many options like;

  • ENERGY STAR® Certified Furnaces
  • Air Source Heat Pumps – provide both heating and cooling
  • Mini Splits – ductless systems that provide both heating and cooling

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