Air Sealing

Did you know that more than 20% of energy produced in the United States is burned to keep homes warm? This is a fact and unfortunately this figure cannot be reduced, reality is that many of the leaks in your home are 100% preventable. Air Sealing combined with insulation can reduce energy bills 30 to 50 percent.

Air Leaks 

In some cases, air leaks in your home can be seen with the naked eye around door frames and windows. Unfortunately, the average home’s air leakage takes place in areas you don’t see. Much of this is due to something called the stack effect, or chimney effect, which works like this: cold air infiltrates your cellar through the rim joist and other leaks and cracks in the foundation and walls, and begins rising. The air flow pushes its way up through the floors and/or walls, then up into your attic through structural areas that are not insulated or have holes in your ceiling, recessed lighting, wire and pipe penetrations, duct work, plumbing stack, or a poorly sealed and insulated attic floor. By doing air sealing, we can reduce the stack effect or chimney effect, working from the basement to the attic, and substantially improving efficiency.

Air Sealing Attic

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Air sealing is incredibly important as insulation will only work properly if the area around it is sealed. If the area around the insulation is leaky and or drafty, it has a negative impact on the insulation. Maintaining a proper temperature which is the purpose of insulation — goes right out the window if a house is not professionally air sealed.

Energy Savings

Air Sealing can add significant annual energy savings when done in conjunction with installation. Additionally, the most important work takes place in the attic to keep heat from escaping in the winter and from heat entering inside the home in the summer.

Please note that Home Efficiency Experts believes strongly in providing Air Sealing services as part of a complete home energy audit package. Our goal is to provide you with a more comfortable, healthier and safer home while significantly reducing your energy bills. A full-service energy audit/retrofit is the only way we can achieve this goal.

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