Air Sealing

Did you know that air leaks account for ​​between 25 and 40% of the energy used for heating and cooling in a typical home? Many homeowners are simply throwing money down the drain (or literally sending it out the window), even though most holes, cracks, and gaps in your home’s exterior are 100% preventable. In fact, when properly installed, air sealing and upgraded insulation can reduce energy bills by 30-50%!

Home Efficiency Experts offers expert home air sealing and insulation services throughout Nassau and Suffolk Counties that help Long Island homeowners save money, reduce indoor drafts, improve indoor comfort, and more.


Why Are Air Leaks in Your Long Island Home Bad?

In some cases, air leaks in your home can be seen with the naked eye around door frames and windows. Unfortunately, the average home’s air leakage takes place in areas you don’t see. The cumulative effect of these leaks is explained by something called the stack effect, or chimney effect. Here’s how it works in the winter:

  1. Cold air infiltrates your cellar through the rim joist and other leaks and cracks in the foundation and walls and begins rising, pushing heated indoor air up with it.
  2. The airflow pushes its way up through the floors and/or walls of your home, then up into your attic through structural areas that are not insulated or have holes in your ceiling, recessed lighting, wire and pipe penetrations, ductwork, plumbing stack, or a poorly sealed and insulated attic floor. Your comfortable indoor air then escapes your home.

In the summer, the stack effect is reversed, with hot outdoor air entering through your attic and pushing cooler indoor air out of the bottom of your home. But by properly air sealing your house, we can reduce the stack effect or chimney effect, working from the basement to the attic, sealing drafty walls and improving home insulation and efficiency.

Air Sealing Attic

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Air sealing is incredibly important as insulation will only work properly if the area around it is sealed. If the area around the insulation is exposed to moving air and is leaky or drafty, it will have a negative impact on the insulation. Maintaining consistent indoor temperatures—which is the purpose of insulation—goes right out the window if a house is not professionally air sealed.

Air Sealing Your Home Creates Energy Savings

Air sealing can add significant annual energy savings when done in conjunction with insulation. Additionally, the most important work takes place in the attic to keep heat from escaping in the winter and entering in the summer.

Home Efficiency Experts believes strongly that Long Island homeowners benefit most when home sealing services are completed as part of a complete home energy audit package. Our goal is to provide you with a more comfortable, healthier, and safer home while significantly reducing your energy bills. A full-service energy audit and home insulation test is the only way we can achieve this goal, followed by home performance retrofit work that could include:

At Home Efficiency Experts, we double check our work! We perform a free blower-door test at the completion of insulation and air sealing work to ensure we have made a significant improvement.

As a leading Long Island air sealing company, our work is inspected by a certified BPI Technician to ensure we meet or exceed proper insulation levels inside your home.

Schedule a Free Energy Audit Today

By air sealing your attic and the rest of your house, you will see a major improvement in how much more comfortable each room is, and how less frequently your heating and cooling equipment turns off and on. And your monthly energy bills will be lower for many years to come!

It all starts with our free home energy audit, where we’ll conduct a comprehensive visual inspection and run building science tests to determine the location and severity of air leaks and poor insulation. With your audit results, you’ll better understand just how much you could be saving with air sealing and added insulation in your home.


Reduce air leaks and start saving by scheduling your Free Home Energy Audit today! Give us a call at 631.657.2378 or schedule online.