Spray Foam Insulation

Spray foam insulation is commonly used to plug up holes and gaps where air is escaping or entering a home. We use spray foam to not only air seal any gaps or voids in the attic floor associated with wire or plumbing penetrations, light fixtures, interior and exterior wall top plates and open chases, but it could also be used to insulate the attic roof slope. Commonly known as a “Hot Roof”, this sometimes is the best option for homes where insulating the attic floor is simply not a viable option. One such example might be a “Cape Cod” style home with small knee wall attics that are used entirely for storage.

Where It’s Needed Most: The Rim Joist

Another area of concern in any home with an unfinished basement or crawlspace area is the rim joist. The rim joist is where the foundation meets the wood framing members above. This is often completely not insulated, or poorly insulated and full of holes going directly outside!  Not only does this lead to tremendous heat loss but is also a major source of unconditioned air and moisture entering the home. The process by which conditioned air (that you pay for) escapes through the top of the house (the attic) and is replaced by unconditioned air through the bottom of the house (the rim joist) is known as the “Stack Effect”. One of our main objectives is to find ways to slow this process down as much as possible, so one very effective way to do this is to add spray foam to the rim joist. Not only does this add R-value (approximately R-15) to an area where there was virtually none, but it is also a very effective air and moisture barrier as well! This will help greatly with making your basement or crawlspace dryer and also the floors above much more comfortable!

Frozen Pipe Prevention

Spray foam can also be useful in preventing pipes in unconditioned areas of the house from freezing, which is an issue for many homeowners living in colder climates. By adding spray foam insulation to the exterior of an unconditioned area (i.e. crawlspace or knee wall attic) any pipes or ducts within that space are essentially brought into a conditioned area. This could end up saving homeowners thousands of dollars over the years on future repairs, and also in heating and cooling costs! And perhaps the best part, spray foam insulation will never deteriorate.  Once it is installed, it will last forever!

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Sealing and Insulating Rim Joist