Duct Sealing

Home Insulation Can Reduce Energy Bills.

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Leaky duct work is found in most homes, which can make your heating and cooling systems work harder to maintain proper temperatures. If your heating and or cooling systems have to work harder, it will also age much quicker causing a dramatic drop in efficiency. Leaky ducts cause poor airflow which results in higher energy bills, uncomfortable rooms and it can even pose health hazards. Duct Sealing can reduce utility bills by minimizing and eliminating leaks in your homes duct system.

Air Sealing Your Ducts

A Home Efficiency Experts home energy assessment will determine where your air ducts need sealing. If they do, our trained and certified Home Efficiency Experts technician will work as efficiently as possible and perform the following work:

  • Reseal your home’s ducts with mastic which is painted on and dries into a rubber seal. We re-paint the seal again after we marry the duct work back together and tie-wrap the duct work seams to ensure a tight seal.
  • Balance the duct system to optimize proper airflow.

We also recommend insulating the duct work in your attic, crawlspace and basement to significantly improve air-flow and improve your indoor comfort.

Comfortable, Safe, and Healthy Home

Please note that Home Efficiency Experts believes strongly in providing Air Sealing services as part of a complete home energy assessment package. Our goal is to provide you with a more comfortable, healthier and safer home while significantly reducing your energy bills. A full-service energy assessment/retrofit is the only way we can achieve this goal.

We will perform a free blower-door test at the completion of insulation work to ensure we have made a significant improvement.

All our work is inspected by a certified BPI Technician to ensure we meet or exceed insulation levels inside your home.

You will see a major improvement on how much more comfortable each room is, and how less-frequently your heating and cooling equipment turns off and on.

And your monthly energy bill will be lower for many years to come!


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