Home Energy Audits


A free home energy audit can tell you why your utility bills are on the rise.

Plus you will receive a free room temperature and humidity gauge with your audit.


A Home Energy Audit Can Help Solve:

High Energy Bills

Indoor Air-Related Health Issues

Mold & Moisture Problems

Indoor Drafts

Rooms That Are Too Hot or Too Cold

Ice Dams

Evaluate and Improve Your Home’s Health, Safety, and Efficiency

An energy audit includes a series of inspections and testing using advanced building science technology, like thermal camera imaging and blower door tests, to measure the levels of heat loss and air movement in your home. We’ll also evaluate the safety and performance of your home’s heating and cooling systems, like your furnace, boiler, central air conditioning, or mini split heat pumps.

A home energy audit is a thorough analysis of your home’s performance and energy efficiency. Learn how an energy audit could help your home. 

Many home issues can be traced back to

Included in our audits are testing for:

  • Dangerous carbon monoxide leaks from your heating system
  • Old, damaged, or improperly installed insulation
  • Small cracks, gaps, and air leaks in your home’s exterior

Make poor home comfort a thing of the past—schedule your free home energy audit today.

Use Your Audit Results to Make the Right Home Improvements

The most valuable part of a home energy audit isn’t just having the results themselves—it’s how you can use your auditor’s findings to make informed and smart decisions about when and where to schedule home improvement upgrades.

How much can you save as the result of an audit? According to the EPA and the DOE, Long Island homeowners who upgrade their homes with new insulation and air sealing can save an average of 17% on their yearly heating and cooling costs! And upgrading your HVAC can drive energy costs much lower—as much as 60% compared to standard electric heating systems and 30% less than conventional room AC units.

An audit isn’t just an educated guess—it helps pinpoint your home’s specific weak points, and your home auditor will be able to walk you through the results, and explain their recommendations for home retrofits that will make the biggest difference to your home comfort, as well as your energy savings. Common solutions that come out of an energy audit can include:

All of these home improvement projects can dramatically reduce the amount of money you’re paying to heat and cool your home and improve your overall home comfort at the same time.

Energy efficiency upgrades are also much better for the environment. You’ll lower your carbon footprint by switching from fossil fuels to clean, renewable energy sources, and lowering your overall energy usage every month with a tighter building envelope and more efficient HVAC equipment.

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