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Adding insulation and air sealing to your home helps reduce energy loss, lowers heating and cooling bills, and improves indoor comfort.

Home Insulation Can Reduce Energy Bills.

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Properly insulating your Long Island home is one of the best ways for homeowners to save money, but many houses in Nassau and Suffolk County remain underinsulated, wasting energy.

Heat travels from hot to cold—this is one of the laws of thermodynamics. In the winter, heat inside your home is trying to escape, while in the summer, outside heat is trying to get in. Insulation helps slow the transfer of heat through the building materials of a house.

Homes with poor insulation are quicker to gain and lose heat, and so are less comfortable and require running air conditioning and heating systems longer to maintain comfortable temperatures. This increases both equipment wear and energy bills.

Superior Insulation for Your Long Island, NY Home

At Home Efficiency Experts, we install a variety of insulation types and materials designed to address the specific issues in your Hempstead, Oyster Bay, or Brookhaven home, including:

Different insulation materials can be used to insulate different areas in your Long Island home—while spray foam might be best for places where moisture is a concern, other spots might benefit more from blown in insulation.

Common insulation upgrades include:

          • Attic insulation

          • Exterior wall insulation

          • Crawlspace insulation

          • Basement insulation

The Benefits of Air Sealing

Insulation works best when paired with home air sealing, which closes up small holes and gaps in your home’s exterior where air and heat can escape. Air sealing improves the effectiveness of your home’s insulation, which is why our team of insulation experts recommends having both services done at once.

We Use Building Science to Double Check Our Work

After new insulation is installed, we perform another free blower-door test to ensure that our upgrades have made a significant improvement. All our work is inspected by a certified BPI Technician to ensure we meet or exceed insulation levels inside your home.

With insulation and air sealing upgrades, you will see a major improvement on how much more comfortable each room in your home is, and how less frequently your heating and cooling equipment turns off and on. And your monthly energy bill will be lower for many years to come!

Getting Started with a Home Energy Audit

The best way to determine which services will help you save money and improve indoor comfort is with Home Efficiency Experts’ free energy audit.

During an audit, we use state-of-the-art building science equipment to locate areas with poor insulation and air leaks via infrared thermal imaging and blower door testing. We’ll also examine your home’s heating and cooling systems looking for inefficiencies.

After finishing our audit, we’ll explain our findings and provide you with a final report. We’ll also make recommendations on which services can save you money and make your home more comfortable, and provide a firm estimate for any proposed work.

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