Why an Energy Assessment?

Why an Energy Assessment? Our technicians will provide a thorough assessment of your home’s efficiency. They gather information on your heating and air conditions systems. They check efficiency, safety, and performance. In addition to your HVAC systems, our technicians test for safety issues such as carbon monoxide levels that may be escaping from the flu pipe that connects to your heating system and acts as an exhaust to push the CO (Carbon Monoxide) outside your home. They will check for gas leaks and report any levels that are above the allowable levels to National Grid.

Our technicians will check and test your insulation levels inside your external walls, attic, rim joist, knee walls, knee wall flats, overhangs, etc. The technician will perform a blower door test that checks for air leaks. This is the most important test in the process as this will show how much of your heat is escaping from your home during the winter months and how much hot air is entering throw leaks during summer months when you are running your air conditioning system.

We will share everything about your home efficiency with you and provide recommendations on how to improve your home to make it more comfortable, healthy, and how much money you will save on energy bills! By having an Energy Assessment and having Home Efficiency Experts improve your home’s efficiency your home will be a Green Home and that will up it’s value when you sell your energy efficient home!

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