What’s behind the talk about heat pumps that seems to be everywhere in Suffolk and Nassau Counties, NY? Sure, heat pumps are super energy efficient, but are they really the wave of the future? At Home Efficiency Experts we can provide you with a little background about why homeowners are all abuzz about mini-split heat pumps.

Trending to Home Electrification

Many states, counties, and municipalities are laying out plans to cut their carbon footprints. The carbon dioxide emissions that result from burning gasoline, home heating fuel, and natural gas are a prime target for reduction in these long-term plans. The result is a trend toward electrification: electric vehicles and all-electric homes and businesses, often using alternative energy sources to produce that electricity. 

All across the country, governments are switching to electrification as the means to promote a cleaner environment. And with those plans come incentives for switching to electric heating, cooling, and transportation. Heat pumps provide an easy solution for homeowners hoping to save money, increase comfort, and improve their home performance.

Enter Heat Pump Technology

Heat pumps have been around for a while, but it’s only recently that they’ve been able to provide efficient heating and cooling in northern climates. Their efficiency comes from the way they move heat from one place to another, instead of burning fuel. To cool, heat pumps remove heat from inside your home and transport it outside. In the winter, heat pumps extract small amounts of heat from the outside air and bring it inside to heat your home. 

Additional savings come from the variable speed fans that adjust to just the right amount of power and speed to maintain a set temperature. Many traditional furnaces and air conditioning turn on at full strength until temperatures are reached then turn completely off, resulting in less efficiency and wasted money.

Why Nassau County Homeowners Love Heat Pumps

When the professionals at Home Efficiency Experts install a mini-split heat pump for cold weather, most homeowners are pleased to also add cooling in the summer— all from one system! Other benefits for adding a heat pump to your home include: 

  • Control individual comfort with customized “zone” heating.
  • Supplement existing heating systems which can take over when the temperatures drop.
  • Add targeted heating and cooling for bonus rooms or guest bedrooms that are used infrequently.
  • Improve your home’s indoor air quality with easily accessible and reusable air filters.

What’s the Best Mini-Split Option for Suffolk & Nassau Counties?

After years of installation experience, Home Efficiency Experts have settled on the most efficient units in the industry for reliable, efficient, money-saving comfort— mini-split heat pumps. These ductless heat pumps provide efficient heating for the cold winters we experience as well as energy efficient cooling for our hot sticky summers.

Be sure to ask about the new higher rebate options and save thousands!

Ready to add a heat pump to your home for money-saving year round comfort? Call us at 631-406-9805 or contact us today to learn more.

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