• What Type of Insulation Is Best for My Home?

    If you’re just starting out researching insulation for your Long Island, NY home, it can be a little intimidating! There are several options and it can be hard to know what is the best insulation for your attic, basement, and walls. So here’s a quick primer to get you started…

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  • HVAC Tricks (or Treats) to Keep You Warm This Winter

    The spooky season is here in Suffolk and Nassau Counties, which means the holiday season (and more importantly, the holiday weather) is right around the corner. If you’ve had some expensive winters in the past, or your heating system didn’t seem to work as well as you wanted last year,…

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  • How Spray Foam Helps Infographic Header Image

    How Spray Foam Helps Your Long Island Home

    (view as a downloadable PDF) If you’re suffering from high heating and cooling bills and an uncomfortable home, upgrading your insulation is a great solution! One of the best types of insulation is spray foam, because of its many benefits. 1. Superior Insulating Qualities Insulation materials are assigned different R-values…

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  • When Is the Best Time to Replace Your HVAC System?

    What’s the best time of year to upgrade to a new heating or cooling system? The short answer is easy: before you’re stranded without heat or air conditioning! If you’re struggling with rooms that are uncomfortable or an HVAC system that never seems to stop running, you have the symptoms…

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  • Couple smiling with eyes closed relaxing

    Is Duct Sealing Worth It?

    For central heating and cooling systems, the ductwork that delivers hot and cold air to the vents in your home can be looked at like an economic supply chain: even small leaks or interruptions in the  chain will create issues all the way down the line, reducing the effectiveness of…

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  • Air sealing side of door

    Why Air Sealing Is Worth It for Your Long Island Home

    Whether it’s a hot humid summer or a freezing snowy winter, there are long stretches of the year where you want to keep Long Island’s outdoor weather and temperatures as far away from the inside of your house as possible. There are different ways you can improve indoor comfort by…

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  • featured image of summer insulation video

    The Benefits of Upgrading Your Insulation in the Summer

    Learn more about the ways your Long Island home can benefit from upgraded insulation in the summer. Schedule a free energy audit with Home Efficiency Experts today to lower your AC bills.

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  • Comfortable couple relaxing on sofa

    Can You Save on Cooling with an ENERGY STAR® Rated AC or Heat Pump?

    Choosing to replace the cooling equipment in your Long Island home with ENERGY STAR® rated equipment will save at least 8% in AC energy use when compared to other models. Home Efficiency Experts explains how to reduce cooling costs using efficient ACs and heat pumps, as well as insulation and…

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  • Heat Pump outside of house in summer

    Stay Cool This Summer with a Heat Pump

    The name “heat pump” may be a little confusing at first, especially when you’ve been told that a heat pump works well for providing cool, dry air to your home in the summer. But with some basic knowledge of how a heat pump works, its easy to understand how this…

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  • Insulation in Attic

    How Are Insulation and HVAC Related?

    Wondering why your HVAC is not working efficiently? It could be your insulation! Learn how the two are connected with Long Island’s energy efficiency experts. Schedule a free home energy audit today and find out how you can lower heating and cooling bills and improve indoor comfort with our team.

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