• Woman sitting by window with air conditioner on

    Need A New Air Conditioner? Spring Into Action And Beat The Rush

    Learn why Home Efficiency Experts is one of the best HVAC companies on Long Island! Our home energy experts offer Long Island AC installation, home efficiency audits, and heating and cooling services near you. Call today to learn how efficient mini splits are an easy solution to upgrading your HVAC.

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  • Find Comfort In Your Home This Winter with a New Heat Pump

      Are your heating bills too high? Looking for energy-saving solutions to keep your home comfortable? Upgrade this winter with heat pump installation from Home Efficiency Experts. Electric heat pumps have heating and cooling settings for year-round comfort. With ducted and ductless mini-split models available, you’ll have more installation options.…

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  • Yellow lab snuggled up under light grey blanket

    How to Improve Your Home Insulation

    Energy costs are predicted to rise dramatically this winter— both natural gas and electricity rates are predicted to increase for homeowners in Suffolk and Nassau Counties. One of the best ways to improve your home’s energy efficiency and save money is to upgrade your home’s insulation and air sealing—here’s how…

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  • new heat pump installed outside residential home

    When’s the Best Time to Upgrade Your Heating System for Winter? Now!

    If it’s finally time to replace and upgrade your home’s heating system for the upcoming winter, it always pays to act early, but in 2021, it’s more important than ever. Here’s why you could regret waiting to call Home Efficiency Experts for new furnace, boiler, or heat pump installation. The…

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  • HVAC unit on concrete slab outside brick home

    3 Ways to Boost Your Home’s HVAC This Summer

    Summer is still here! When school is just around the corner, but the NY weather is still gorgeous, all we want to do is enjoy the outdoors. And when we come home to relax, we want to be able to enjoy our Suffolk or Nassau County home’s refreshing air conditioning…

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  • Wooden staircase leading to second floor of residential home

    7 Ways to Keep Your Upstairs Cool in the Summer

    Looking forward to the summer weather and spending time on the beach or outside with friends and family? Us too, but when we’re inside our Long Island homes, we want to be comfortable, no matter how hot it gets outside. One of the most common complaints we get from homeowners…

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  • two heat pumps outside tan home

    Does a Heat Pump Cool as Well as an Air Conditioner?

    Save money and improve your indoor comfort this summer with a heat pump or mini split upgrade from Home Efficiency Experts. Learn more about the difference between central AC and heat pumps, and how to find the right long-term solution for your Long Island home.

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  • thermal imaging of window in home new york home efficiency experts

    5 Reasons You Need a Home Energy Audit This Summer

    Learn more about the benefits of booking a free home energy audit for your Long Island home with Home Efficiency Experts this summer. We explain how audits can help you solve issues with high energy bills, uneven indoor comfort, and much more. Call today to speak with your local home…

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  • tech installing insulation

    Does Insulation Provide Year-Round Comfort?

    With the weather warming up for summer here in Long Island, you might be wondering what you can do to prepare your house for the hot weather ahead. Having air conditioning that’s in good working condition is definitely important, but did you know that your insulation can play a major…

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  • modern heat pump outside house

    Why Heat Pumps Are the Wave of the Future

    What’s behind the talk about heat pumps that seems to be everywhere in Suffolk and Nassau Counties, NY? Sure, heat pumps are super energy efficient, but are they really the wave of the future? At Home Efficiency Experts we can provide you with a little background about why homeowners are…

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