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There are a wide variety of homes on Long Island, from modest ranch and colonial homes to historic capes and Victorians. Each home in Suffolk and Nassau County has its own unique style and needs when it comes to its performance. 

Home Efficiency Experts offers several home services on Long Island that can help make your home healthier, more energy efficient, and more comfortable. With over 18 years of experience providing reliable insulation and HVAC services, we have seen just about every home issue that can arise. Whether you have ice dams in the winter or a stuffy upstairs every summer, our team of home performance experts can find a long-lasting and effective solution. 

Long Island Insulation Services

ENERGY STAR estimates that 9 out of 10 homes in America are under-insulated. By preventing heat flow and energy loss, insulation—especially when combined with air sealing–plays a crucial role in energy efficiency. Home Efficiency Experts installs several types of insulation in Long Island homes, like spray foam, blown-in cellulose, and foam board insulation

Our team takes a building science approach to our work, which not only allows us to recommend the best type of insulation that will meet your home’s specific needs but also to verify that our completed work has made an improvement in its energy efficiency. There are several common places in Long Island homes that we’ve found benefit from insulation upgrades, including:


Heat Pump & HVAC Installation on Long Island

Having reliable heating and cooling is crucial to your home’s year-round comfort. Home Efficiency Experts installs a wide range of high-efficiency HVAC systems and can help find the best one for your Long Island home. Before we install a new heating and cooling system in a home, however, we always check for leakage and poor insulation first. If your home has significant air leaks and insufficient insulation, the size of your heating or cooling load along with the performance and lifespan of your new HVAC will all be affected. 

Here are the HVAC systems we install in homes throughout Nassau and Suffolk counties:

  • Ductless Mini Split Heat Pumps Get all-in-one heating and cooling without connecting to a central duct system with an all-electric mini split heat pump installation.
  • Ducted Heat PumpsHeat pumps use significantly less energy compared to traditional HVAC systems because they move heat instead of creating it. Ducted heat pumps can connect directly to your home’s central ductwork. 
  • Central Air ConditionersWe install ENERGY STAR-certified air conditioning systems that can reduce your energy usage without having to sacrifice your home comfort. 
  • High-Efficiency Heating SystemsIf your home uses gas or oil, installing an ENERGY STAR-certified furnace or boiler can help you save on your heating bills every winter.
  • Hybrid Water HeatersGet a reliable hot water supply in your home by installing a hybrid water heater, which offers heat pump technology and electric resistance heating for times of high demand. 


Get Started With a Free Energy Assessment

The best way to know exactly where your Long Island home could use energy efficiency improvements is with a free energy assessment. During this in-depth analysis by our building science professionals, we’ll identify areas of air leakage, poor insulation, combustion safety issues, and more. From there, we’ll make recommendations on a path toward more comfort, a healthier home, and lower energy bills. 

Home Efficiency Experts can even help you maximize your savings on your home upgrades with rebates and incentives! From federal tax credits to PSEG rebates, we stay up-to-date on what’s available to Long Island residents for making energy efficient home improvements. Ready to see what our team can do for your Long Island home?


Schedule a free home assessment to get started today. Call 631-406-9805 or contact us online. 

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